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A research project for an Eco driving program

Creating Behavioural Archetypes

Pilotfish is a company selling IT solutions for public transport. This project was done during my internship at the company, it’s focus was on their eco driving solution for bus drivers. I got to plan and lead the project with help from my mentor.

The goal of the project was to create behavioural archetypes based on interviews with the target group: Bus drivers.

The purpose was to gain a greater understanding of the users and see how well the product meets their needs and also to have a tool that helps measure future design choices and creates a joint understanding of the user within the company.

Project details

  • Company
  • Project duration
    11 weeks
  • My role
    UX research
    Project leader
  • Methods used
    Secondary research
    Quantitative interviews
    Affinity diagraming
    Behavioural archetypes
  • Target group
    Bus drivers

Process & Methods

Secondary research

I started the project by doing some research on the main product and went through surveys done with customers to get to know their attitudes.
This was the base for what questions to ask during the upcoming interviews.

Qualitative interviews

Together with my mentor, we interviewed 11 busdrivers from different bus companies around Sweden.
We asked questions about their normal working days, their feelings about their job and also their eco driving system.
All interviews were over phone and recorded because of the Covid-19 situation, they were all transcribed afterwards.

Affinity diagraming

We gathered all data from our intreviews and started sorting and cluster it into groups that would be the base of our behavioural archetypes.


Behavioural Archetypes

After researching Personas and Behavioural archetypes I decided to go with Behavioural archetypes because I thought for this project it’d be better to focus on needs, thougts and feelings and exclude demographics.

We ended up with 6 behavioural archetypes that were finally presented within the company.

Challenges & learnings

Creating a project plan by myself for the first time – in the middle of a pandemic!
This was the first time for me to plan a project all by myself which was a great and fun challange. Although, by this time a thing called Covid-19 had knocked on our doors. Because of this it took us longer time than planned to get in contact with busdrivers and unfortunately we fell a little bit behind schedule.

Phone interviews is a bit challenging
All our interviews were done through phone calls because of Covid-19’s outbreak, this worked pretty good but it was challenging not being able to read body language and facial expressions.

Transcribing takes a lot of time.
All interviews were transcribed in order to be able to save them for the future without keeping any recordings. This took a long time and I’ve learned to think twice and debate if the interviews could be sumed up instead for future projects.

We wanted to reach a greater variety of people
Because I fell behind schedule I didn’t end up with any qualitative research in form of surveys that we intentially wanted. The 11 interviews we held ended up being with quite entusiastic bus drivers and I hoped we could hit a larger variety of people with a survey. Unfortunately I never had time to finish and this will be left for the future to e

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