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Working in a multifunctional team

Designing an e-learning platform

This is a school project I did together with a multifunctional team consisting of UX designers, digital designers and web developers towards a client called Kulturakademin.

Our given task was to create an e-learning platform for our client’s future online courses.

Kulturakademin is an organisation that offers skills development for people already working within the cultural industry. They offer various courses for their members.

Project details

  • Client
  • Project duration
    4 weeks
  • My role
    UX designer
  • Methods
    Google sprint
    User interviews
    Usability testing
  • Team
    2 UX designers
    2 Digital designers
    3 Web developers


Google design sprint

This project was done with google sprint as our process method. This first week being our “sprint week” and remaining weeks being dedicated to creating different iterations and usability testing.


In order to find out what the users thought of developing skills online we decided to set up a couple of interviews.


  • Important to create a service that is easy to understand and keep up with
  • Allows for different types of learning
  • Personal contact the teacher

”I learn best when I can listen to something at the same time as I move. A walk in the woods with a podcast in my ears is unbeatable.”

Brainstorming & prototyping

During our brainstorming session we came up with an idea of an app that would use gamification and offer the possibility to choose between mutiple ways of learningn such as: watching, reading or listening to the lessons. We added a quiz for the user to be able to test their skills after each lesson.

We performed 3 iterations in total where we improved the prototype after each of the user tests.

Usability testing

Our prototypes were tested on 8 users in total. We gave them a scenario to perform and then continued with some follow up questions.


  • It was appreciated to be able to take part of the lesson in different ways
  • Icons and buttons needed to be standardised.
  • It should be easy to find information about the lessons.


The result of this project was a prototype of an app that allowed the user to take online courses that were available in mutiple learning options. After a lesson the user could test their skills in a quiz about the lesson.

All lessons were divided into paragraphs that were easy for the user to understand.

Challenges & learnings

To work in a multifunctional team
This gave us more space to focus on the user’s needs and also to do wireframing.

To facilitate a google sprint
This was a fun challenge and I learned that it’s important to plan up the project so that it will be completed within the timeframe

Usability is important but…
it’s also important to think about feasiblity and viability. Our multiple learning options were appreciated by our users but it would be very expensive for the client to implement.

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